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What is Punqi?

We make dedicated print shops for start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and (sports) clubs. Our solution enables them to provide all kinds of branded goods to their employees, followers or members. Whether it’s fanwear, wannahaves or company clothing, we can print it all, from sweaters to iphone cases to coffee mugs. We take care of everything, such as setting up the shop, maintaining the shop, printing the products and shipping them to the consumer. You only need to provide the design(s).

How do I get my own shop?

Anyone can request a shop with Punqi, provided that there’s a market for your products. Simply said, you have to have people who want what you're providing. Since start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and (sports) clubs already have a decent amount of employees, followers or members, this means they easily qualify to get their own shop. Inquire with us if you qualify and let us know what you have in mind, so we can help you build your brand! Email us on info@punqi.com.

Is it really free?

Yes! We do not charge anything to set up your shop. For every ordered product a percentage goes to us for covering our operational costs, the rest is for you. You make the designs, you decide what price you want to ask for each product and you market your products to your employees, followers or members. We do the rest. No strings attached, no investment needed, just a win-win for both of us. Contact Us if you want more information about what we can do for you.

Top Quality Printing

Normal prints, all over prints or embroidery, you decide what suits your brand

Lots of Products

Check out our test collections and shops to see our 200+ products from which you can choose

Easy Payments

IDEAL, PayPal, Creditcard etc., we've got all the most used payment methods

Global Shipping

Shipping is fast, cheap & with Track & Trace code whenever possible
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